Open Field by Afonso Bastos

Open Field is a string trio borned in 2009 as a side effect of AJM Collective.

Since then the trio played in many venues in and out of Portugal and shared the stage with musicians like Elliott Sharp, Burton Greene, Carlos “Zíngaro”, Renato Ciunfrinni, Tiago Sousa and Alvaro Rosso.
They’ share a common taste of improvising with diverse influences such as contemporary music, non idiomatic music, and in some situations with a jazz approach but trying to break the boundaries with a sense of a real open field.
Searching for an “open field”, a dwelling space where research, fruition and insubmission are still possible. A field of possibilities, therefore: strings and wood surfaces scratched and battered, several objects used… Who plays what? And what kind of music is this? “Open Field String Trio” is a beam of possibilities, where languages often seen has contraditory come together. The resulting sound is thick and grey, but there’s always room for silence and strong strokes of colour.

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